Jazzmin “Billions” Wimberley, an innovative cosmetologist and all around Beauty Entrepreneur known for her audacious and charismatic personality. Her creative eye for change within each person contributes to her artistic approach in uplifting and transforming the beautification in each experience that she strives to provide every individual client. Owner of ‘Beauty Worth Billions” salon studio, “Billions Luxury Extensions”, and creator of “No More Boring Hair”, she thrives as an influential leader with an innate ability to build a beauty community that will inspire and encourage other artist to settle for nothing less than Billions. Her vision to educate other beauty entrepreneurs has led her to host various beauty courses in several cities such as, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and Detroit.


Today, Billions has worked with a list of celebrity tastemakers, singers, pop artist, hip hop artist, socialites, models, and photographers. She lives with a free spirit and lioness heart towards the beauty industry. Atl's curl connoisseurs, colorist, and extensions specialist she posses an out of the box approach to enhance the unique beautification of others. Fashionably known for her vivid hair colors and series of different hair extensions, she continues to challenge her clients to take risk daily.

Fashion, Art, Energy, happiness, confidence, and beauty are all great qualities that can be found inside of all of us. Billions inspires to enhance our greater qualities by expressing your personality through beauty.

J. Billions Wimberly | 678.663.3373

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